6 Air Pollution Android Apps That Can Help You Breathe Easy

Air Pollution Index Android Apps That Can Help

Are you worried you are breathing polluted air. Download these apps on your mobile phone to know the air quality around you in real time.

If you are living in a metro, the air quality around you must be a matter of concern. Be it your morning jog, travel to office or evening escaped to the high street, there is no respite from the all pervading polluted air that we breathe.
But we can always be careful. Here are some Android Apps that allow users to track the quality of air around them in real time.

1. Happy Lungs: This app helps create awareness with a simple user interface designed to track the change of all the initiatives that have been introduced in India to tackle the pollution menace. If provides real time status of pollutant and advisory on planning your day, customized carbon footprint and suggestion to improve, global comparison of air quality and carbon footprint as well as ways to improve your lifestyle.

2. The Clean Air Nation: this mobile app informs you about what your breathe so that you can take precautions based on real time air quality of your location to protect your health. Using this app, you can also request the government to install air monitoring stations near you. Once you downloadd the app, you can go through different cities air quality da need to avoid to our city or places you travel to.

5. Air Bubbles: This app shows you a map of how healthy or dangerous the air is around you and alerts you when it is getting worse using colurful bubbles that represent air pollution levels. You also get push notifications when the air quality around you is getting significantly worse. It shows realtie air quality information is in the US, Canada, Greater China, Germany, Japan, Indonesia, and other countries of the world.

6. Air Quality India: This application provide you with real time air quality data based on the following parameters:
Particular matter and particulate micron (PM2.5 and PM10), hazardous gases in the atmosphere like CO, CO2, SOx, Nox, No2 humidity and temperature of the atmosphere. Activity suggestion by AirQualtiy India is based on the pollution level in your area. Is it a good time to go for morning exercise? Should you take your pet a walk? The activity suggestion by the app gives you all the advice you need.

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