How to Hide LAST SEEN on WhatsApp from Your Profile

Sometimes you will not like that anyone will know when you visited list time on WhatsApp due to any reason, in this situation hiding Last Seen would be beneficial to you. When you don’t want to reply someone’s message, you could easily hide LAST SEEN Option on WhatsApp, it does not matter whether you are using Android based phone or iPhone or Windows phone.

This article will tell how you could disable LAST SEEN on WhatsApp from your profile in easy way.

First Open your WhatsApp and Click on three dotted perpendicular lines.
Now go to Settings then click on Account.×300.png
Now open Privacy, you will be see three options where you have to select Last Seen, that option is on the top and now open it. Now you select last option which is Nobody and it’s DONE!!!×300.png
Note: If you hide Last Seen option from your profile then you won’t be seen others Last Seen option also.
Hide Last Seen from WhatsApp by One Step Open

WhatsApp -> Settings->Account->Privacy->Last Seen->Nobody

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